Religious Besotts

Sad is the person whose existence feels empty without belief in some invented Authoritarian Parent in the Sky.

It is amazing how many people are in love with God, Jesus, the Catholic Church, Allah, Jehovah, or some cult figure. I am not merely talking of "loving" but of that besotted, chemistry-driven, starry-eyed, obsessive, worshipful state that we think of as being in love. In this admittedly demented state, those obsessed with their deity-of-choice are immune to logic and close their minds to any dissonant information about their object-of-obsession.

These besotted individuals often have a dreamy, glazed appearance. No prize for guessing whose are the adoring eyes in the image at left.

Religious Besotts are dangerous people because nothing and nobody matters more to them than their enamored delusions. As much as they adore their obsession-of-choice, they hate those whom they perceive as obsession-threats with equal passion. Because their besottism follows politically accepted religions, they feel vindicated in their adoration and deity-obedient in their moralistic and political hatreds.
Sadly, not only are religions permitted by states, but they are protected by states. Most religious individuals are not dangerous, but collective religious besottism is a dangerous force.
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Triune and Trinity

We humans have all inherited remnants of the “reptilian brain”, by which I refer to the autonomic/emotional core that is found throughout the animal kingdom. (Technically, in the triune brain concept, the reptilian brain is the earliest, autonomic evolutionary development; the limbic, mammalian deals with emotion; and the neocortex deals with cognition.) The primitive elements of our brain can come under the influence of the rational, cortical brain, yet strong emotions can escape logical control. If they could not, we would probably never fall in love!

The apes that ultimately evolved into humans enjoyed survival advantages over those of their cousins who had not inherited genes for the Great NeoCortical Leap Forward. That is, in hominid evolution, those apes with the greatest cognitive advantage were able to survive, proliferate, and outnumber their rivals.

The persistence of religion, despite the far greater explanatory power of scientific knowledge, relies upon this emotional side of human nature. However, those who wish to impose their religious views on society are also well aware that the Idea of God must be instilled into children while they are still stuck in the magical-thinking stage. Let any child, even a child of average intelligence, grow to adulthood before attempting to convince them that some old book holds more “Truth” than empirical facts, and that mind will most likely have escaped religion’s clutches. Only early indoctrination can keep the synagogues, mosques, and churches filled with individuals willing to put an inculcated obsession ahead of humanity.

Catch ‘em young and many of them will never outgrow magical thinking because some are not genetically endowed with the cognitive powers to overcome illogic. Religionists seem unwilling to grasp the fact that atheists have escaped religious indoctrination through the operation of critical thinking rather than that atheists are victims of scientific cultism, naturally immoral, or incapable of emotional response.

Religionists, however, are scared of scientific knowledge because at some deep level that they are too scared to admit science refutes the creation mythology in Genesis. Religionists are so scared of knowledge that many, such as the creationist family in “God’s Christian Warriors”, are home-schooling their children to ensure that they cannot bite the forbidden fruit of secular knowledge. If the facts supported religionist beliefs, then creationists would not need to attack or defend against knowledge.

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