Religious Besotts

Sad is the person whose existence feels empty without belief in some invented Authoritarian Parent in the Sky.

It is amazing how many people are in love with God, Jesus, the Catholic Church, Allah, Jehovah, or some cult figure. I am not merely talking of "loving" but of that besotted, chemistry-driven, starry-eyed, obsessive, worshipful state that we think of as being in love. In this admittedly demented state, those obsessed with their deity-of-choice are immune to logic and close their minds to any dissonant information about their object-of-obsession.

These besotted individuals often have a dreamy, glazed appearance. No prize for guessing whose are the adoring eyes in the image at left.

Religious Besotts are dangerous people because nothing and nobody matters more to them than their enamored delusions. As much as they adore their obsession-of-choice, they hate those whom they perceive as obsession-threats with equal passion. Because their besottism follows politically accepted religions, they feel vindicated in their adoration and deity-obedient in their moralistic and political hatreds.
Sadly, not only are religions permitted by states, but they are protected by states. Most religious individuals are not dangerous, but collective religious besottism is a dangerous force.
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